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Are you giving them the best possible care?

Horses impact our lives enormously.

Now is the time to impact their lives with the healing power of touch.


Offering specialized programs for horse owners and trainers who want only the best for their horses! 


Services include Cold Laser Therapy*, Reiki, Body Work, Essential Oils and more….


*Cold Laser Therapy is state of the art therapy for pain management, inflammation, faster wound healing, increased vascular and metabolic activity.


Many applications:

Muscle strains, tears & injuries

Nerves, tears, tendinitis, bowed tendons

Suspensory ligament injuries

Laminitis, Navicular

Wound healing, post trauma, surgery


Back pain and other problems

Injury and/or pain of the stifle, hock, carpus & other joints

To calm anxious horses

To aid recovery from exertion, training

As part of a preventative healthcare regime