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About Brenda...

Brenda has been passionately involved with horses her entire life.  When she was little she’d hang out in the barns and “talk’ to the horses.  Her favorite days were when the County Fair was in Pomona and she could spend the day in the show barn and pick the horse she wished could be hers.  Once she'd picked the horse out she'd stand by his stall all day and share stories about what she dreamt their future could be like together.  Reluctantly, at the end of the day she'd say goodbye to the chosen horse and dream of the day she'd have her own to love.  She rode on and off for years but never had the chance to have her own horse.  She was fortunate to begin volunteer work at Peacock Hill Ranch in 1995 where she truly developed her “horse” communication and handling skills.  She met and fell in love with her “perfect horse” in 1997 and she has enjoyed a continually evolving relationship with him since 1998.  She still considers him her perfect horse, best friend and counselor.

She has volunteered with both equine and canine rescue efforts since 1996. 

She was in senior management at a global entertainment giant for 23 years.  She’s recently decided to reinvent her path and has made it her sole focus to improve the health and wellbeing of her four legged friends.  On this new path she brings her dedication, loyalty and energy to each new client. Furthering her desire to change direction, she has recently had the privilege of studying with Jane Wesson and Equine Pacifica.  Brenda is passionate about the use of a vast array of holistic techniques for the benefit of equine and canine worlds.

The work she does with horses is actually quite similar to that of the massage modalities used with humans.  She books by the session, which can be from an hour or up to two hours depending on the horse’s needs (typical per hour cost ranges from $100-175 based on the need and applications used).  Each session will consist of a unique blend of healing techniques. Each horse is different than the next and should be treated as such. As a matter of fact, consecutive sessions on your horse(s) may be different from session to session, and the healing modalities used will be tailored to the horse’s needs on that day. Brenda is a certified ESMT (Equine Sports Massage Therapist) and a Reiki Master.

The main modalities used are: Reiki, Cold Laser Therapy, traditional massage/bodywork, and essential oils. These techniques may be applied individually or in some cases, simultaneously. All may be used in one single session or perhaps not. It really does depend on the horse’s needs.

The goal is always to establish an excellent rapport with the horse so that a deep level of trust is created. Once the relationship is intact, it is then that true communication begins and the real work starts. This is always, always done with absolute respect and love for the horse and most importantly – permission from the horse.

I love talking with prospective clients about their horses, so I encourage you to call me anytime. I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and we can talk all about your horse and his/her problems and alternative healing needs. Don’t hesitate to call. 818-694-3403.