"Last year one of my mares sustained a very severe leg injury in a pasture accident. Brenda immediately jumped to the rescue and has been absolutely instrumental in her healing ever since. With Brenda's treatments I have been able to keep my mare comfortable with very minimal use of anti-inflammatory drugs and I am convinced she is healing far more quickly and holistically than she would have otherwise.

Brenda is a truly special healer and has become an integral part of my herd as someone who I can trust completely with my horses."

- Jillian (and Zara & Cyd)

"I don't even know where to begin when I think back on all of the amazing healing and help Brenda has given my horses over the years. She has helped to heal a deep cut that would have otherwise left a nasty scar, been there with me to make a plan and help manage my mare's arthritis, addressed the other's 'moodiness' (always with a sense of humor!), and everything in between.

My girls and I are so very lucky to have Brenda as a healer but more importantly as a close friend who is as invested in their health and wellbeing as I am."

- Cynthia (and Nifty & Blaze)

Erica and Q

"Brenda started working on my horse Q about three years ago. He absolutely loves Brenda and the work she does! He totally relaxes and nearly falls asleep during his sessions and he moves like a different horse afterwards.

Q has had some muscle issues in the past, but he hasn't had a muscle spasm since Brenda started working with him. I can go longer between hock injections and overall he seems way more comfortable than when he was younger!"

-Erica (and Q)

"I want to share my appreciation for Brenda at Flowing Mane! My mare is a bit of a handful and regularly does something to herself. When we've had moments of stitches or lameness - Brenda is there for us. When it's just time for a "spa day" and a chance to have Torey take a moment and feel good - again Brenda is my "go to".

Her work is complete, compassionate, and empathetic. She is generous with her energy and time. Brenda has also worked on me when I've had shoulder problems and a fractured foot. She has been thoughtful in her Reiki healing and kind to share her gifts. I can't say enough good things!"

-Claudia (and Torey)


"Brenda has been working with my mare and gelding for over two years. Both came to me with a history of abuse and as a result have trust issues. Brenda started working with my mare the first week I got her in April 2017 and has continued weekly ever since. Both of my horses "expect" her to be there for them and thoroughly enjoy her attentive care.

Had it not been for Brenda, I truly believe my relationship with my horses would not be as good as it is. She has helped them trust that we are here to love and care for them and I cannot thank her enough for having been such a great enabler."

- Barbara (and Cleo & Shayann)

"My horse Troubadour can be a little skeptical but very quickly went from 'get away from me with that thing' to happily chomping on his hay while Brenda works on him. He even lets her touch his face which is not to be taken for granted.

Brenda is truly the best!"

- Charley (and Troubadour)

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