Erica and Q

"Brenda started working on my horse Q about three years ago. He absolutely loves Brenda and the work she does! He totally relaxes and nearly falls asleep during his sessions and he moves like a different horse afterwards.

Q has had some muscle issues in the past, but he hasn't had a muscle spasm since Brenda started working with him. I can go longer between hock injections and overall he seems way more comfortable than when he was younger!"

- Erica (and Q)

"I want to share my appreciation for Brenda at Flowing Mane! My mare is a bit of a handful and regularly does something to herself. When we've had moments of stitches or lameness - Brenda is there for us. When it's just time for a "spa day" and a chance to have Torey take a moment and feel good - again Brenda is my "go to".

Her work is complete, compassionate, and empathetic. She is generous with her energy and time. Brenda has also worked on me when I've had shoulder problems and a fractured foot. She has been thoughtful in her Reiki healing and kind to share her gifts. I can't say enough good things!"

- Claudia (and Torey)

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"Brenda has been working with my horse, Minute, since July 2019. Minute went lame from a pasture related injury and my veterinarian recommended myofascial tissue treatment. During Minute's recovery period, we were on a hand walk only regiment and stall rest. Brenda's treatment helped enormously in keeping my horse's muscles loose during a time of limited movement. Sessions with Brenda have also helped relieve tension from pre-existing scar tissue within my horse's physically scarred area he has had since before I adopted him.

As of February 2021, Minute is able bodied and racing around the arena and round pen. We continue with monthly massage and cold laser treatments to maintain the looseness of his muscles and old scar tissues. Our goal is to help reduce the severity of any strains or pulls in the future."

- Megan (and Minute)

"My horse Troubadour can be a little skeptical but very quickly went from 'get away from me with that thing' to happily chomping on his hay while Brenda works on him. He even lets her touch his face which is not to be taken for granted.

Brenda is truly the best!"

- Charley (and Troubadour)

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"Brenda has been working with my horses for several years now. I continue to work with Brenda primarily because of how intuitive she is with my horses. She gets to know each horse and learns their ways of finding their release. I have had very stoic horses that hold their release until the very end and have horses that would crawl onto her lap, if she would let them. She is not a cookie-cutter type of bodyworker using one specific method. Brenda spends, as much time as needed, to find what works for each horse. Since incorporating laser therapy, I have seen big responses from my horses. Typically, in each session, my horses are directly telling Brenda where they need the laser, which can be quite entertaining. Brenda even educates me to continue the work in between sessions. I appreciate all that she has done for my horses, and I will continue to recommend her to any fellow horse person.

Happy Trails!"

- Rayen (and Nash & Jax & Rusty)